From design to implementation

The obvious path is not always the best one. We will figure out together with you in which direction to go and then design the best process accordingly.

We provide individual solutions that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Moderation: Parkour Workshop designs and facilitates inspiring workshops targetting different topics. We accompany customers to reach their goals.

Work and Move: Parkour Workshop offers Walkshops. According to the motto „walk and talk“ topics and questions are worked on while just going for a walk or while hiking in the mountains.

Social Labs: Parkour Workshop offers the innovative aproach of Social Labs – a think tank with impact. We support our costumers to address their quetions and goals and to work collaboratively with a chosen team to find solutions and practically test them.

Trainings: Parkour Workshop offers trainings on workshop design and moderation. You get insight how we design our workshops and try out different workshops moderation methods.

Consulting: If you plan to design and moderate your own workshop, event or Social Lab, Parkour Workshop offers advise for your process.


Inform us about your targets and we will put together the best offer for you. The price will be calculated accordingly.

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