Fresh air for fresh thoughts

Got stuck while sitting on the same problem? Looking for formats that keep people involved, stimulate thinking outside the box and integrate different perspectives? Having troubles with team structure and group dynamics?

In our Walkshops we move thoughts, while the Walkshop group moves outdoors. Walkshops can vary from short walks in urban parks to easy or ,if asked for, demanding several days hikes. The whole Walkshops are organised and facilitated by Parkour Workshop. We use fresh air, interactive exercises and the landscape itself to break up potential barriers within the group and to find new perspectives to address problems and questions. At the same time the experience is fostering team building. We use different acting techniques to form ideas and apply creative methods to collaboratively find and develop problem solutions.

Each Walkshop is adapted to our customer's needs and questions. The Walkshop format works well for business retreats as well as to work on questions in research and innovation, or to find new strategies within a project or business.

Got interested in our walkshops?