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Participative Process Design

Moderation -Inspiration - Collaboration

About us

Ever got bored at a workshop? No results at the end of a long day? Not all voices heard?

We aim at designing inspiring meetings and workshops by closely collaborating with our clients and by bringing in know-how from different fields and our creative potential.

Parkour Workshop stands for a solution oriented approach, a communicative atmosphere and efficient pathways to reach the set goals.  In our team we combine elements from group dynamics, process design, project planning and interactive and creative methods. Through our international collaborations and constant up-take of innovative formats we provide up-to-date offers. By bringing in our enthusiasm and professional attitude our approach suits your needs for any topic. This can range from small team or company retreats to multi-stakeholder conferences.

Tagungsraum Business

Workshop & Meeting Moderation

We follow an engaging and interactive approach in our workshop and meeting moderations. We do not only design and facilitate online and face2face events but also offer support for complex and long lasting co-creation processes such as social labs.

Gehen Sie in der Wildnis

Work & Move

According to the motto „walk & talk“ topics and questions are worked on while just going for a walk or while hiking in the mountains. Fresh air is used for fresh thoughts. The movement supports teams even more in being creative and it strengthens collaboration and team building. 


Moderation Training

Not all meetings and workshops have to be moderated by external moderators. Thus, we offer regular open as well as organisation internal moderation courses, in which participants learn to apply creative and interactive moderation methodologies themselves.


We offer different packages for individual needs in Austria and all over Europe. The costs are calculated accordingly.
If you are interested in our offers, please get in touch with us.

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