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Moderation -Inspiration - Collaboration

About us

Welcome to PARKOUR! We specialize in crafting and facilitating inspirational workshops and effective meetings.

At PARKOUR, our mission is to empower teams to tackle even the loftiest goals. Often, these aspirations might seem out of reach at first glance. But when the path ahead appears unclear or progress feels stuck, you can count on us. We're here to guide you in discovering innovative solutions and effortlessly overcoming hurdles.

By the end of our collaborative process, clarity and structure will take center stage. Every team member will not only grasp the necessary steps, but also understand their unique roles and responsibilities. The next steps will become clear, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and motivation within the team.

We're dedicated to shaping the path to success alongside you. Whether you're aiming to nurture creative thinking, enhance team dynamics, or develop cutting-edge solutions, we've got your back. At PARKOUR, our focus is not solely on achieving goals – we're committed to transforming the journey itself into a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Tagungsraum Business

Workshop & Meeting Moderation

We follow an engaging and interactive approach in our workshop and meeting moderations. We do not only design and facilitate online and face2face events but also offer support for complex and long lasting co-creation processes such as social labs.

Team Zusammenarbeit

Team Building

Strengthen your team with our teambuilding offer! We provide customized teambuilding programs to foster collaboration and communication within your company or organisation. Our offer includes a wide range of activities and exercises aimed at building trust and teamwork within your team. Contact us today to plan your personalized teambuilding program and strengthen your team!

Trainings und Weiterbildung

Moderation Training

Not all meetings and workshops have to be moderated by external moderators. Thus, we offer regular open as well as organisation internal moderation courses, in which participants learn to apply creative and interactive moderation methodologies themselves.

Check our upcoming trainings here.


We offer different packages for individual needs in Austria and all over Europe. The costs are calculated accordingly.
If you are interested in our offers, please get in touch with us.
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