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About Us

For many years we have been working in and with national and international teams, with representatives from politics, business, research, culture and civil society. In these often very interdisciplinary teams, the aim is to promote communication and cooperation, to use diversity and to achieve sustainable results together. This prompted us to specialize in process, workshop and meeting design and moderation that meet these requirements. We enjoy working as moderators with people from a wide range of areas and always delving into new topics. With varied formats, we ensure that the groups work together in a solution- and result-oriented manner. A trusting atmosphere that encourages creativity is central to us.


Our Story

We met at the Center for Social Innovation and as part of our project work we have dealt more intensively with the topic of groups, workshops and meetings. In our experience, there are so many meetings and workshops that neither bring satisfactory results nor are well received by the participants themselves. On the contrary, participants are bored or, in the worst case, do not get involved at all.


We have decided to found the PARKOUR label and thus explicitly support entrepreneurs, project teams, organizations, etc. as workshop and meeting moderators in implementing exciting, interactive and entertaining workshops in which the existing qualities of the groups are used, the participants achieve the desired results and the cooperation is also enjoyable.

Meet The Team


Maria Schrammel

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I love the mountains, hiking and climbing. When climbing a small change of position can open up new paths to the goal out of a supposedly hopeless situation, which was simply not visible before. In my work I also focus on this change of perspectives, breaking new ground with my customers and helping them find innovative solutions. I like to combine intellectual work with physical exercise outdoors to make use of fresh air for fresh thoughts.


ilse Marschalek

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As a graduated sociologist I have specialised on multi-stakeholder processes. Based on this work experience I developed methodologies that help groups to interact and carry out results collaboratively. In a range of working environments and supplementary trainings I have further elaborated these, taking different inspirations from various approaches. You find me also at


Elisabeth Unterfrauner

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My deep interest in people and their interactions has driven my educational as well as professional career. With my background in psychology and pedagogy as well as interdisciplinary studies I have gained knowledge in different fields such as human perception, cognition and group dynamics. These are essential for me to plan and deliver meaningful workshop formats.  I particularly enjoy working with different people embracing different perspectives which make the world richer.

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