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We design and moderate workshops, meetings, retreats online and face2face, in which we work with participants in a solution and results oriented manner in an appreciative and secure framework.

Team Building

Team Building

We are here to help your company or organisation build strong teams and foster collaboration. Our customized teambuilding programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

We offer a variety of activities and exercises that aim to build trust, collaboration, and communication within your team. Whether you are looking for an outdoor or indoor event, we have the expertise to design the perfect teambuilding session for you. Our teambuilding programs also include workshops to learn new skills or improve existing ones.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your employees benefit from our teambuilding programs and have a positive experience.


Work & Move

Moving in fresh air stimulates creative ideas, so we combine working on specific tasks while the group moves outdoors. These Walkshops can vary from short walks in urban parks to easy or, even demanding several days hikes. We take advantage of fresh air, interactive exercises, and what the landscape itself is offering to break up potential barriers within the group and to find new perspectives to address problems and find innovative solutions. At the same time, the experience is fostering team building.

Co-creation workshops

Co-creation Workshops

We are specialized on co-creation processes. In the workshops we design and facilitate, we follow a highly interactive approach, encourage all voices to be heard and make sure to keep workshop participants engaged. For us not only final results count; we take care for a safe, comfortable and warm atmosphere to provide room for creativity and successful collaboration throughout the workshops.

Online meetings

Online Moderation

Virtual meetings and workshops have become an integral part of our modern everyday life. We are taking care to get the most out of various formats of online meetings,  to make them exciting, and to achieve fruitful results.

We offer

  • specifically tailored, creative and interactive design of your meetings and workshops

  • an attractive virtual workshop format adapted to your needs

  • an extensive documentation of your results

Meeting moderation

Meeting facilitation

We are working with different kinds of groups and teams.  In these, we make sure to fruitfully use the diversity, make all voices heard and keep participants engaged. We are specialized on meetings with interdisciplinary teams, kick-off and project meetings for national and international research and innovation projects.

Trainings und Weiterbildungen

Moderation Training

We offer training courses on workshop and meeting design and group moderation. Not only methods are presented and practiced, but we also bring in a lot of experience and practical tips based on our many years of moderation work. In addition to theoretical input on methods, participants also get help to create the right working atmosphere and the opportunity to try themselves as moderators in a safe and trusting environment. Upcoming trainings you can find here.

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