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In medias res is not always more productive - the art of good hosting in moderation

The guest is the king. As in the guest house, so also in the meeting room or conference room. So we try to make it as pleasant as possible for our guests and to support them even better in their process of working out their goals. Sure, a nice room, maybe flowers, good air, pleasant atmosphere, comfortable seating. But there is more! You should also feel welcome and in good hands and not feel uneasy from uncomfortable or difficult questions. Or even being entrusted with complicated tasks before you have really gotten to know the others in the room. The art of good hosting is not that easy, especially when we have limited time and are supposed to achieve a certain goal.

So that our guests still feel comfortable and are happy to contribute, it takes more than a good concept and a nice room. Above all, you need an appreciative attitude, respectful interaction and openness to new things, such as in a good conversation or an invitation.

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