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Eyes shut and go for it? Or how groups are able to work.

Going from zero to a hundred rarely works, especially not in meetings in which results are to be worked out collaboratively. In terms of the group formation process according to Bruce Tuckmann (1965) certain phases are required that enable a group to work together constructively. It is therefore important to ensure that the group can go through each of these phases, even in short meetings. We offer space so that members can get to know each other (forming) and clarify their interests and positions (storming) and support the process with appropriate exercises. Only then can tasks be processed meaningfully (performing). Therefore: Support the group formation at the beginning giving a lot of guidance and later let the group self-organize more and more - this way meetings are guaranteed to work well and it is also more fun! At PARKOUR, we take these phases into account, in shorter meetings as well as in online formats in order to enable our participants to work together effectively and successfully.

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