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Just ZOOM, or is there another way?

Putting face-to-face meetings one-on-one into online formats leads to overexertion and boredom. But there are enough possibilities to make virtual meetings interactive and lively. Some of them do not even require the use of additional tools, such as Miro - the interactive board with its countless visualization options. A variety of activation tasks can be used in between, such as face gymnastics or to “dance the alphabet”. Additionally, presentations can easily be made more appealing without much effort, by using tangible objects and different visualization options. Simple queries with covered cameras, which are revealed in case of a positive answer, or the comment function, which allow interactions on split screens, or splitting larger groups in small break-out groups are just ta view of countless options. Further examples for energizers can be found here.

We use a number of different formats in our online settings in order to make meetings varied and active and are always open to new ideas and developments.

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