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Fresh air and walking - collaboratively working creatively in pandemic times

The corona pandemic has changed a lot in our everyday work. We work from home and sit in front of the computer many hours a day. We have found new formats to successfully implement workshops and meetings in online settings (more on this in another blog post). Despite all the helpful tools such as ZOOM and Miro, it is still challenging to design creative processes in the virtual space as successfully as face to face. For some tasks it is essential that people come together, see each other, and can informally exchange ideas during breaks. In addition, as is well known, exercise - especially walking - helps to promote creativity.

So why not move joint work processes outside? Why not combine walks or even hikes together of a team with workshop tasks? Fresh air is good for our brain performance and enables safe cooperation in pandemic times and exercise helps us and our teams to find creative, innovative and solution-oriented ideas.

PARKOUR supports teams in their creative processes by designing, organising and facilitating walkshops and walk and talk activities, which are adapted to goals and participants.

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