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Why it makes sense to move workshops to the forest

The forest keeps us fit and healthy. Meanwhile, numerous studies have shown that a stay in the forest works like a kind of aromatherapy. By inhaling the essential oils that the trees give off into the air, our immune system is strengthened. Anxiety, depression and anger are reduced, stress hormones can be reduced and vitality increases. In addition, due to the terpenes contained in the forest air, our bodies produce more killer cells that are effective against cancer. A regular, conscious stay in the forest is therefore recommended. Be it for walks, quiet lingering or simply dangling with your soul. If you come into contact with the forest in silence and with attention, not only are the healthy influences of the forest effective, but mindfulness and deceleration are also practiced at the same time.

It is therefore advisable to use exercises in the forest for workshops and seminars. Various forest bathing areas or rest areas in the forest are very suitable for coming together at a walkshop and collecting new ideas. The participants come back relaxed and with fresh inspiration from nature.

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